Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big Things in Small Packages-Gospel Bombs in 100 Pages or Less:

old books 1none	  Objects / GeneralSo, this morning I was rocked as I read a little book called "Who Will Deliver Us," by Paul F.M. Zahl.  I was repeatedly amazed at the riches found in this book, especially since it's only 85 pages long.  I couldn't get over how helpful the book is, and how many facets of the Power of Christ's death it addressed.  Then I thought, "I'm sure there are tons of books as short as this that were as helpful and potent." Reading through an author's thoughts on a topic in a couple sittings can be very beneficial for a number of reasons.  This is where I got this idea.  What if I solicited some of YOUR favorite shorter books?  What are the most helpful books you've read that fit the bill? One hundred pages or less?  I'll start with a couple of my own, including the one that sparked this post.  Won't you add to it for our mutual benefit? Pass this along to friends so they can join in as well.  Happy Reading!

1. God At Work (Abridgement)-Jonathan Edwards, 94 Pages  

2. Who Will Deliver Us?- Paul Zahl, 85 Pages


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