Friday, June 12, 2009

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Apology and Disclaimer

Brethren and others who may visit my Blog,
I feel it necessary to issue an apology for the last posting, which you may or may not have read. The point of that post was, as you may have guessed, the video. What I did not take into full consideration, was the blog which the video was posted on, and that is a serious error on my part. In everything we are called to do as believers, we are to exercise discernment. I did e-thumb through many links on the site, but one link (that could possibly have the most adverse affect on viewers), I neglected to view myself. I made assumptions that I should never make about any material without validating them through careful examination. I don't feel it necessary to go into detail, as that may actually have the opposite effect of my desired end.
I removed the link from my blogs, but want to make clear that I in no way espouse the doctrine voiced by the writer of the said blog, and in fact see it as a gross misrepresentation of the Biblical text, at best. With that said I will be much more careful going forward, and praise God for oversight within His Body.
Pray for me as I for you,

Phenomenal Video Proclamation of God's Truth

Found this over at a blog and thought it was worthy of a link. This video is nothing short of sobering. Please watch and share;

***Link removed until I can find one directly to the video****