Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm at it Again!

So I bought Christless Christianity by Michael Horton for a friend's birthday. Needless to say I couldn't in good conscience give him a book that I either A. Have not read, or B. Am not reading. That being said, I bought myself a copy too--and oh, I'm reading it concurrently with Jerry Bridges' book The Gospel for Real Life. For those of you who follow my Twitter stream, you know this is a blatant violation of my 1 book at a time rule I initiated last week or so. In the interest of transparency, I'm failing that challenge. Now you know. That is all. Now back to the book-which one is the question. 

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is way too easy!

I was just sitting here thinking about what it used to take me to put a blog post together. All the signing in to a specific site, getting format just right- not to mention finding photos, and linking them within the post. I'm thankful for that reason for Posterous, and the iPhone app that accompanies it. Yes, I mean Picposterous. These two make a wonderful one-two. Gone are the days of complicated work to create something worthy of acceptance. In are the days when all the most difficult work is done for you. It's freeing and binding at the same time. It's because of how much is done for me that I WANT to post more. It's no longer a chore to post, it's a welcome joy. Anyone I know that's blogging in older, more stressful ways I want to see liberated by what I've learned. Sadly, though, some have responded with attitudes that say they'd rather feel like they're doing something. That it's just not right for some technology to do ALL the work for them. It should be more of a partnership, they say. I won't let that stop me from heralding the beauty of freedom...
You do the math.

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NewsNote: Boys Wearing Skirts to School? What's Going On?

Check out this website I found at

I really don't have any commentary to add here-- though I believe there is more than enough fodder for thought here.
Surprised, or just disappointed? You decide.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Then there were 12--

Abraham Piper has drawn our attention to Christian service again this week!  Thanks Abraham!!  The first go was bringing attention to Jon Acuff's effort at raising 30k for a school in Vietnam (read more HERE), which was a huge success, praise God!!
Well today, Abraham issued a challenge via his excellent microblog, 22 Words, involving some Salvadoran children in need of sponsorship through Compassion International. Abraham's wife, Molly, is also documenting her time with Compassion in El Salvador as we speak. Compassion's methodology is a holistic approach to the well-being of these children, and I urge you to visit 22 Words, Molly's blog (The Pipers), or Compassion's site ( for more information on what's being done and how you can help.  My family was super excited after reading of the work being done, including the proclamation of the Gospel, in the lives of these children.  We're excited to begin correspondence with our sponsor child, who my kids chose :) My 4 year-old has already penned his first letter to his new brother across the globe!  Why don't you visit these sites and join Compassion in work that is aimed at both the here-and-now, AND eternal futures of young children. 

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